Wood Trusses For Residential and Commercial Buildings
One of the most qualified and best design teams in the State.

Who are we?

East Coast Truss is a privately owned roof truss manufacturing company that designs and constructs high-quality wood trusses that last. We have been a trusted partner in home and commercial building since 1968.

What do we do?

We design and construct wood trusses for residential and commercial buildings that meet the rigorous standards and durability required across Florida. Our expertise and versatility allows us to meet a wide variety of needs, from tract-housing developments to multi-unit projects to custom-designed homes to large commercial projects. We also provide engineered wood products, such as LVL beams, and pre-engineered truss joist components.

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What we do

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150 years of engineering and design experience
One of the most qualified and knowledgeable engineering and design teams in the State of Florida
We are proud to have been awarded first place in truss design from the Florida Building Materials Association on numerous occasions
Why Choose Us

We are equal opportunity employer.

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East Coast Truss is hiring.

If you are seeking a career, East Coast Truss may be the place for you. Competitive compensation, training and other benefits are available to our team members.


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